Passé is Rachel Graham.
Passé Publishing is Rachel Graham & James Friedman.

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Why "Passé" ?

When I was working from Glasgow in the early 2000s there was an obsession with "the new" : the first show/album/play/one-to-know. New is just current - New is not part of the definition of 'good.'

When faced with finishing a name to hide behind in 2004, I chose Passé as a reaction against this obsession - I would rather seek out something good my my definition : something or someone that I find inspiring, challenging and, of course, aurally dynamic; instead of always looking through the thin veil of smoke & mirrors as deep as the latest hype, or fad.

Passé Logo - Since 2005
Many thanx to Scott Ritcher for the inspir-appropriation from Slamdek Records from Louisville, Kentucky.

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