With 15years of well rounded music industry experience as a promoter, booking agent, press officer, artist manager, event coordinator, tour manager, creative director, publisher, label assistant, community manager; Rachel Graham aides in mentoring, coaching, seeking partners, contracting, licensing, and filling in the gaps for Artists, Labels, Brands, and Agencies.
The shadows of the musical world are the places that are inhabited by hundreds of people for every public facing artist. This includes Managers, Publishers, Label Representatives, Agents, and more...

As an Artist, as well as from the positions of Management and Rights Owners, it can be difficult to navigate how all of these relationships can be structured to work together, and how to deal with the constant changes of growth and evolution of each Artist's constellation, or team, for their needs.

Mentors in music are very important to help coach and navigate new challenges, who are equipped with tools and contacts from a wealth of experience. There are courses and classes in Music Business, but as for practical application of how the industry works - you have to be in it to get it.
There are benefits to not understanding musical rights - and unfortunately none of these are directed at Artists.
Understanding and education of Musical Rights and Ownership are of the utmost importance.

Rachel Graham has been involved publicly with mentoring through:
- Midem, Cannes FR : (Mentor) Artist Accelerator (2017)
- Boston Collage/Soul Candi, Johannesburg ZA : Lectures - How to market yourself as a DJ / What is Music Publishing? / Crash Course in Contracts (2016)
- Sonar+D, Barcelona ES : (One-on-One Sessions) Ask the Expert (2016)
- SAE Institute, Cape Town ZA : - Lecture: What is Publishing ?
- ADE, Amsterdam NL : (Panel) : A Rough Guide to the Music Industry (2015)
- ADE, Amsterdam NL : (Moderator) SheSaidSo x ADE: What It Takes To Make It: A Conversation Beyond Gender (2015)
- Music & Media, Tampere FI : (Panels & Delegate) Sync Summit (2013)
- Flow Festival, Helsinki FI : (Panel & One-on-One sessions ) Artist Development (2013)

Music licensing can be a foray into musical rights espionage.
I have worked with clients to help them to locate the rights holders for musical projects from online promos, runway shows, to compilation contracting.
It is important for people who own music rights to be paid for their creative efforts, no matter if the name is big or small (for the time being!), or the turnaround time is a one month or 24hrs (on a Saturday!).
I have never failed a mission yet. <<Touches wood.>>

My background of formal studies were not law (instead Genetic Biology & Fine Art Photography) however, my formation is 15 years of experience and a stream of mentors that have helped me to develop precise, applicable, legal skills to confidently navigate and/or construct agreements that prioritise the rights of the clients I work with, and ultimate uphold and protect the rights of Artists and their representatives.

As a Promoter and then Agent; Label consultant, Agency/Brand Rep & Publisher as well as Artist Manager - I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the table of most types of conversations revolving around musical rights contracts.

If I don't have the answers then I have an arsenal of places I can go to get to the root of the issue for my clients, and always aim to give a solid and clear direction.

Present (Selected Projects)...

Le Marché des Labels Indépendants : Paris 2017 - Label & Partner Curation (Oct, 2017)
SheSaid.So - Contracting & Administrative Support (2016 - present)
colette : - Project-based Music Licensing (2016 - present)
IAMJT - Management Mentoring & Contract Consultancy (2015 - present)
Victoria Beckham - Music Licensing; NYFW shows, & Online Promos (2013 - present)

Past (Selected Projects)...

Passé Produced Films:
Sergei Polunin: The Fragile Balance (Nowness)
Roosevelt - Elliot (Greco-Roman)
Cómeme (Label) - Business Re-structure, Management Formation, & Mentoring (2014 - 2016)

Dani Saciliano (Artist) - Publishing Consultant & Contract Consultancy (2015)

Prinzhorn Dance School (Artist) - Management Consultancy (2014-2015)

Futura (Booking Agency) - Agent Mentoring & Formation (2014-2015) ; proviso of all Administrative Infrastructure & Tools (2014 - present)

Circus Company (Label) - Release Strategy & Marketing Consultancy (2014)

The New Sins (Artist) - Contract Consultant (2013-2014)

Exploding Plastic (Agency) - Consultant & Talent Booking; Campaigns from: Burn Studios, Esprit, Samsung, Converse, & more (2010-2014)

Urban Outfitters (Brand) - Application Use & License for Passé Player (2012)

Diesel (Brand) - Creative Project - In-Store Music Related activations (2011-2012)

Lomography (Brand) - Project Deveopement - Franz Ferdinand : Canadian tour (2011); Kaiser Chief's Album Campaign (2012); Matias Aguayo - Sponsored Artist (2015)

V.I.P. presents Mos Def (Live Event) - Project & Event Management for Clash Magazine, Orange Dot, Very Important Plectrums (V.I.P.) Charity, & Ben Sherman. XOYO, London (2011)

Late Night Tales (Label) - Project Coordination for MGMT compilation release (2011)

Pringle of Scotland (Brand) - Creative Project Management - Franz Ferdinand Limited Collection & Activation at Men's Fashion Week, Milano (2010)
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