Full time Artist Management from 2005 - 2016.
Artist Manager, Executive Producer, Project Manager
From a 5sec intro in the basement Plastic People, to 6hr conversation on a haphazardly shared (delayed) flight the next day from London to Kiev.... Working with Matias initially as a consultant to help to organise the business side of his label, Cómeme and Cómeme Agency; creating a sustainable structure, as well as template structure & planning for what evolved from into Futura Booking Agency. Coaching him through the progression of building his team and his artist projects, to then taking on the role as Artist Manager to ultimately facilitate, aide Matias' focus and creative energies to be focused on his artistic aspirations as a performer and producer, and with the development of his multi-faceted live band project, Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas.
Artist Manager, Project Manager
When Ivan Smagghe and I met in London at Dalston Superstore and he asked if I would be interested in being his manager, I felt like I won the DJ Management Lottery; as I have been not only aware but an admirer of his mixes and productions since he was the first non-resident dj to grace the Optimo decks, and the release of his mix: KTDJ vol. 1(2003).
I worked with Ivan for 2 years as a manager, and aided with projects relating to focusing on his development of his online presence and website(s).
Timo Kaukolampi is no stranger to the music industry.
I don't know if he learned more from me or me from him through out the 2 years that we worked together.
Timo's approach to his music making is as organic as the green smoothies that he is eating. Despite the radical post-punk kraut-rock gothic-clad vibes of the music, the practice was always a pure energetic vacuum that sucks the audience into the vortex of the experience.

In an interview- he was asked if he missed home - he replied Home is defined by where I have healthy food, a yoga mat, and tea - so if I bring those things with me on the road, I am always home.

Never take a deal because you need to the money. Being in need is the wort time to take a decision that is going to affect you long-term. Take a loan from a bank before you take an advance in exchange for your rights if you need the money.

Creative Management & Direction, Project Manager, Photographer
In 2001 Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy came into my basement office at The Art School to ask if they could have a concert - 4/5 songs - to showcase their new band, including Bob Hardy who was graduating from GSA's painting programme that year. We printed the flyer from a 3.5in floppy disk onto A3 and plastered the walls and reception of the Vic Bar. about 95 people showed up and danced through the short but driving set. Their second show the following year marked their signing with Domino Records and release of their debut album. When I decided to move away from Glasgow and continue to pursue work in the music biz, i called their manager Cerne Canning. In May 2008 I started working for Franz Ferdinand, along side Cerne and Domino to help inform and aide the band for creatively-lead decisions including: press pics, styling, artworks, music videos, special concerts, remixes and collaborations, product placements and brand partnerships; as well as managing online sites. The band, Cerne Canning, and the team at Domino were key players in widening my scope from electronic music into the world of LIVE.
OPTIMO (Espacio)
Artist & Event Management, Booking Agent, Press Officer
When I ran for the Entrainments Convenor at The Art School in Spring 2002, one of the resident DJs for almost a decade at that time, was Jonnie Wilkes. He asked me for a meeting and after we spoke for an hour over a tea he seemed fairly convinced that he would support my candidacy (which he did, paying for all resident dj-lead propaganda and posters in my favour :)). The first night that I was in my position as Ent's Convenor, I met Keith McIvor, JD Twitch, as part of a night that was being promoted at The Art School. That night I was a wreck trying to learn the ropes (and keep everyone in the ambiance they were accustomed) but in the months that proceeded we found a commonality in work ethic and shared vision of creating inclusive, rather than exclusive, happenings. In Feb 2003 I started taking money on the door of the sunday night event at the newly re-opened Sub Club and managing events for Optimo (Espacio), and their Black Rabbit Whorehouse incarnation, in Glasgow. By Jan 2005 I started working full time to do global bookings for the pair along side fielding all requests to and from the Optimo duo. Together we hosted stages at festivals, held film-based themed nights, worked on 10 New Year's Eve/Hogmanay parties, as well as travels to, Corsica, US, Brazil, and more... In May 2008 I was moving to London so scouted out Spun Out to take over the bookings, Abnormal PR to take over press, and continued to deal with contract and project consulting till 2011.
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